How Can User Behavior Analytics Benefit Your Company?

Maria Hussain

User Behaviour Analytics - A Simple Guide

Maria Hussain


Server Side Rendering - React

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13rd Dec, 2021

Best Mobile App Analytics You Should Check In 2022

Do you want to know what is the best mobile analytics that will dominate in the upcoming year? The new year is coming with new resolutions and you should be prepared with your mobile analytics insights by the selection of the best mobile analytic apps.

21st Oct, 2021

Analyzing User Feedback for The Success of Your Application

User feedback can tumble down either side of the coin when it comes to marketing your application. It is important choosing the ways you interpret that feedback and make changes to make the user experience better.

21st Oct, 2021

Designing a User-Friendly Mobile Application

One of the most important factors responsible for making or breaking a mobile app is user-friendliness. No matter which market is being targeted by developers, it’s absolutely important to consider just how user-friendly the app is for the people who will use it. Here are the key considerations that need to be kept in mind to design a user-friendly application.

28th Sep, 2021

How to Conduct Better Research to Improve User Experience?

If we had only one factor to decide whether a mobile application is going to be a success or not, it would be the user experience.

4th Sep, 2021

What Category Is Your Mobile App?

New to the world of mobile applications? Here is a simple breakdown of all the major categories and their characteristics.

8th Jul, 2021

An App Owner’s Guide To Getting Your App Published On the Play Store:

All the basic information and guidelines you need, to publish an app on the Google Play Store- all in one place!

16th Jun, 2021

An App Owner’s Guide to Getting Your App Published on the iOS App Store:

From the very beginning of an app submission process, to the very end- this guide contains all the information you can possibly need to get your app published on the Apple App Store

6th Jun, 2021

NFTs and the Future of Trade

NFT's have taken the world by storm, but many are still unclear on what they are and what to do with them. That ends now.

2nd Jun, 2021

Native, React Native, or Cross-Platform App Development: Which One Is Right For You?

Learn about each of these development tools and see which one works best for your needs, before making your decision!

25th May, 2021

How Is Machine Learning Helping Us?

What are the main applications of machine learning, and how it is intertwined with our everyday life?

23rd Apr, 2021

How Can User Behavior Analytics Benefit Your Company?

From product development to product marketing, how does user behavior analytics benefit you?

23rd Mar, 2021

What Does Artificial Intelligence Actually Do?

Artificial intelligence amalgamates big data obtained by fast and effective machine learning techniques, with predetermined desirable outcomes for each situation presented to the computer.

9th Mar, 2021

The How's and Wow's of Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing is one of the most impressive and useful technologies of our world today; with the ability to combine human and computer knowledge, and create groundbreaking advancements in how we navigate our lives online and offline.

9th Mar, 2021

Best tips to protect yourself from malware infections during the COVID-19 era

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the world into disarray. People who were used to going to offices now have to work from home. This is an advantage in the reduction of commutes but has given rise to the hike in cybercrimes.

26th Feb, 2021

User Behaviour Analytics - A Simple Guide

Everyone sees advertisements regularly on all their social media platforms, mostly for products that relate to them. A large portion of this is achieved using user behaviour analytics.

11st Feb, 2021

Mobile App Development Lifecycle: How Long Does It Take?

Not all mobile apps are equal, which is an important thing to remember. So how long will it take to build your mobile app?

2nd Feb, 2021

Server Side Rendering - React

Improve SEO, social shares and your website performance in general on your React website.

19th Dec, 2020

Mobile App Metrics: How Are They Useful?

The 6 most important mobile app metrics

12nd Dec, 2020

Mobile Analytics - Its Role in App Development

What needs to be done to make an app great? It is essential to understand how the app will be used by people and how or what it is contributing to your business.

28th Oct, 2020

MVP for App Development 101

Minimum Viable Products or MVPs are often the beginning for many aspiring startups and have also been the first pillar of success for many companies