Coachella, TED, Cannes - The Most Effective Apps

By Haram Khan on 15th April, 2019
Nowadays, each and every event tends to have a mobile app for the purpose of enhancing the user experience. From getting live updates to having a forum to discuss what you like best about the event, each app is developed in such a way that it reaches the maximum amount of people and engages them. It is for this reason we decided to do an entire blog post on a few of the best mobile apps for the most popular events in the world. You never know, maybe one of these could inspire you to get your very own app as well!
New York Fashion Week
The New York Fashion Week event app is one of the finest examples of how to promote a brand digitally. The app in itself is not complicated at all. It has a clean design which is extremely easy to use, and everything is developed in a way that it facilitates any potential attendees.
Unique Features
1. Live streaming.
2. Personalized notifications.
3. Latest news updates.
4. Inbox for all notifications.
TED: one of the most sought out and talked about conference in the world where influential people from all over come together to share their knowledge and experience. Unfortunately, not everyone can attend it, which is why their easy to use TEDConnect app serves as the official event app that allows open discussions and networking.
Unique Features
1. Being able to send a message to any speaker or attendee.
2. TED networking.
3. Being able to see who is attending.
A universal music festival no one wants to miss! This is why they have created an app that has exclusive content, the full line-up, schedule and floorplan. And the best part is, they have an exclusive live stream for anyone who wants to join in.
Unique Features
1. Exclusive floorplans.
2. Schedules.
3. Live streaming.
Cannes Film Festival
The elegance of the event is brought to the Cannes film festival official app as well. With an easy to use design, user friendly nature and amazing animations, this app is one of the finest in the industry.
Unique Features
1. Live streaming.
2. Exclusive diary.
Another music festival that is known worldwide, each year the most famous of the artists make sure they perform and thousands of people make sure they get to go! The main event Coachella app has a ton of features that help make the experience as amazing as possible.
Unique features
1. List of artists and performers.
2. Ability to create personalized schedules.
3. Live streaming.