Our Work

We have the most talented team, we work hard together to make your dreams come true!

Mobile application and computer vision algorithm development

We developed and deployed extensive computer vision algorithms to identify and track various bouldering paths across gyms for bldr. We take pride in being able to achieve an accuracy over 97% with our models.

Mobile app, RESTful API, ML models and analytics dashboard development

We developed and continue to maintain the entire software architecture for Panion app. The application currently serves over a 130,000 users and has a 4.4 star rating on the Apple App Store.

Analytics dashboard development for an IoT based hotel management platform

We developed an extensive analytics dashboard used by hotel managers to keep track of valuable consumer facing statistics such as the last time a restroom was cleaned, number of visitors, and supply level.

Tailor made multi-tenant learning management system

We developed and continue to manage an extensive multi-tenant learning management system. SKIP is currently installed in some of Pakistan's most prestigious institutes such as the Civil Services Academy and Rawalpindi Medical University.

A state of the art yacht charter management system

This yacht charter management system served boat owners, managements, clients, brokers, vendors as well an extensive analytics dashboard for the product owner.