Our Team

We have the most talented team, we work hard together to make your dreams come true!

Ali Farooq

Founder & CEO

I love working with motivated startup founders with a vision to change the world 🚀. We started Alfabolt to make sure that tech challenges do not get in the way of your success.📈 🎯

Usama Shaukat

Senior full stack developer

I add different colors and perceptives in life as well as components because things aren't always #000000 and #ffffff. Let's grow together and spread positive vibes!

Abdul Qadir

Senior mobile application developer

I notice the small details, like to cook and clean, in life as well as in the code. Strong believer of 'Intelligence is the new sexy'. Simpler code is simpler life.

Hamza Aleem

Front-end web developer

I enjoy meeting new people and finding ways to help them have an uplifting experience. I am dedicated, outgoing and a team player.

Syed Salman Haider

Senior mobile application developer

"You need to know what adds value to what you are building and what does not. Productivity is not about keeping yourself busy."

Maaz bin Tahir

Solutions architect

Maaz loves designing software architectures, building pipelines and improving performance of any workflow 🎯. He also contributes to open source ☀️ at Github and is passionate about innovation and automation 🤖.

Ali Asad

Full-stack developer

Undergraduate student who loves solving problems and collaborating with creative people. Continuously exploring new stuff and enjoying the process. Draws focus from tea ☕ and determination from table tennis 🏓.

Zain ul Abdin

Mobile application developer

Along with experience in mobile application development, I has an interest in test-driven development which helps us ensure that we have a stable application.

Arbaz Ghani

UI/UX designer

I am dedicated to my work and always looking for newer opportunities. It would be great working with you!

Haziq Usman

Machine learning intern

I'm a motivated computer science final year student at SEECS-NUST and a machine learning enthusiast. I'm a goal-oriented person and my ultimate goal is to revolutionize things by integrating machine learning with them. Basically, I love to scream at machines and make them learn.