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Mobile App Development

With the ever evolving age of technological convenience and innovation, mobile applications have become extremely important given that they provide an instant link with an array of consumers. We’re here to help you design and develop the perfect application so that your app passes with flying colors once it hits the app stores.

At Alfabolt, we have a team of designers and developers working towards providing the ideal user experience for your application. With an average of 4.5+ stars on the appstore for our applications, we are confident about making sure your app succeeds.

  • Swift
  • SwiftUI
  • Objective-C

Web Applications

We do more than just making websites. Here at Alfabolt, we make sure your web apps deliver on your company's value proposition to its customer base. Our work is top-notch (If you don’t mind us saying so ourselves), and with a little Alfabolt magic here and there, your business will be too!

We build responsive web applications. Our team is skilled in a range of technologies which allows us to weigh in on the pros and cons of each technology for your specific use case and build your application in the ideal technology stack.

  • ReactJS
  • NextJS
  • GatsbyJS
  • Angular
  • VueJS

Artificial Intelligence

AI uses extensive data analysis in order to understand and make attempts at engineering models which demonstrate intelligence, often mimicking the type of intelligence which is displayed by humans. It could be used to classify elements, make predictions, detect anomalies and much more.

Computer Vision

This field focuses on making informed decisions under the umbrella of artificial intelligence. These decisions are often associated with visual cues, just as the human eye might allow an individual. This allows technological convenience in routine tasks, spanning the likes of self-driving cars, motion detectors and augmented reality amongst many others. Such technology seeks to see, define, process and analyze image data in order to function for various technologies and projects.

Pride In Our Work

We take pride in what we have accomplished with our clients.

Mobile application and computer vision algorithm development

We developed and deployed extensive computer vision algorithms to identify and track various bouldering paths across gyms for bldr. We take pride in being able to achieve an accuracy over 97% with our models.

Mobile app, RESTful API, ML models and analytics dashboard development

We developed and continue to maintain the entire software architecture for Panion app. The application currently serves over a 130,000 users and has a 4.4 star rating on the Apple App Store.

Analytics dashboard development for an IoT based hotel management platform

We developed an extensive analytics dashboard used by hotel managers to keep track of valuable consumer facing statistics such as the last time a restroom was cleaned, number of visitors, and supply level.